First Aid Quiz

Test your knowledge of first aid with our short 10 questioned quiz.

Question 1:

What is one of a first aiders responsibilities in the work place?
To keep first Aid boxes fully stocked and ready to use
To train the staff in First Aid
To call a local GP in an emergency
To ensure that a Health & Safety is in place

Question 2:

At what point would you send a bystander to call for an ambulance, if a casualty was not breathing normally?
After checking for breathing
After checking for response
After the top-to-toe survey
As soon as they have been placed in the recovery position

Question 3:

On whom would you perform a top-to-toe survey?
On a conscious casualty
On an unconscious casualty
On a non-breathing casualty
On all casualties when you suspect injury

Question 4:

When would you place a casualty in the recovery position?
When the casualty is not breathing normally
When the casualty is responsive and alert
When the casualty is breathing normally but unconscious
When the paramedics arrive

Question 5:

How long should you check for normal breathing before deciding it is absent?
5 seconds
10 seconds
15 seconds
20 seconds

Question 6:

What should you deal with first when dealing with multiple casualties?
Severe bleeding
Broken thighbone
Obstructed airway
Severe burns

Question 7:

In what position should you place a conscious choking casualty to perform abdominal thrusts?
Lying lat on their back
Recovery position
Standing facing you
Standing facing away from you

Question 8:

Which regulations govern the contents of first aid boxes in the work place?
The control of substances hazardous to health regulations 1988
The Dangerous Substances Regulations 1981
The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981
The Health and Safety (Enforcing Authority) Regulations 1989

Question 9:

What is the correct sequence of checks to be made in the initial assessment of an unconscious casualty if you are on your own?
Danger, response, open airway, check for normal breathing, go and get help
Danger, response, check for normal breathing, shout help, signs of circulation
Danger, response, shout help, check for normal breathing
Danger, response, shout help, open airway, check for normal breathing

Question 10:

In an asthma attack, the sufferer should take medicationů.?
Only from their own inhaler
When you think it fit
From any inhaler given to them
Only when told by a paramedic